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Monday, September 8, 2008

Misleading Headline: Nicolas Cage bombs at box office with "Bangkok"

Every so often, the media seem to revel in the poor box office performance of a specific film. (Damn Liberal media...Nattering nabobs of negativism!)

Case in point: Speed Racer.

Newest case in point: Bangkok Dangerous.
Nicolas Cage bombs at box office with "Bangkok"

"Less than a year after starring in the biggest movie of his volatile career, Nicolas Cage led the North American box office to its worst weekend in five years on Sunday with one of his weakest."

Scroll down and find:
"Bangkok Dangerous," a thriller in which the 44-year-old actor plays a jaded assassin, opened at No. 1 with estimated three-day earnings of just $7.8 million, distributor Lionsgate said. While no one was expecting it to be a hit, industry observers had predicted it would earn more than $10 million."

Boxoffice guru
puts it all into perspective:
The weekend after Labor Day is typically one of the slowest frames of the year. With students back in school and a new football season starting, studios generally avoid opening any strong films at this time which in turns helps the box office slow down. But this year with a major tropical storm hitting the east coast and election hoopla getting bigger after the political conventions, moviegoing just was not a priority for people."

Oh that...and the economy.

The chart of Post Labor Day Weekend Releases shows that this weekend was worse than expected.

Year Top 20 Gross ($) Est. Admissions (M)

2008 61,000,000 8.6
2007 72,721,798 10.7
2006 64,975,180 9.9
2005 81,021,863 12.6
2004 73,097,103 11.8
2003 59,654,268 9.9
2002 66,544,663 11.5
2001 69,292,294 12.3
2000 52,951,263 9.8
1999 69,105,766 13.6
1998 47,158,794 10.1


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