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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sidewalk '08

I made it to the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival today. Lot's of familiar faces. First ones were Charles and Mike Friedman. Had lunch with Dan, Elizabeth and Alex Orr, from Blood Car. Then headed to the Carver Theatre for ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION and to meet up with Chris Holland, from B-Side. The movie is about the Showbiz Pizza animatronic characters, and the real life characters who love them, still. As adults. It was rather charming. Below is the trailer.

After the show, I said hello to the annual ATLFF jury wrangler, Arik Sokol, and headed over to watch some shorts. Now, sitting her watching the UGA/Alabama game. Not looking too good for GA. ;( Hopefully they'll turn it around.

Anyway, after the game I'll be heading to the party at the Avon Theatre. Birmingham is a charming little town. Too bad the city itself virtually shuts down on the weekend. Another downfall, not enough Starbucks!

More later......

***Update: GA just made a 92 yard TD!***

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I'm pretty jealous you got to see the rockafire movie.....