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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Atlanta Film Festival Alum Honored by WIFTA Tonight

Tonight is WIFTA's 34th Anniversary Gala and among the honorees is Baily Barash, and we're beyond ecstatic. This past April her film The Aids Chronicles -Here to Represent played the 2008 festival. And in 2006, she was a finalist for the Southeastern Media Award also with The Aids Chronicles.

For those who don't know, Aids has become a devestating disease in the African American community. What Baily does with the film isn't so much to focus on the devestation but to highlight the people in the Atlanta community who are dealing with this epidemic. At times funny and sad, it's an illumaniting piece about Atlanta and folks touched by Aids.

As with Rapid i Movement and all the other things we do here, we're always excited to do what we can to not only support the films that played here, but also to highlight what Atlanta filmmakers are doing. Baily has made the film available for educational use and if you want to purchase a copy be sure to visit (You know, you can always find out about donating a copy to your local school or church).

If you see Baily at the Gala tonight, be sure to stop and congratulate her.

Humanitarian Award
Bailey Barash
Documentary Filmmaker & Journalist
bbarash productions LLC

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