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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tonight at AVANT GARDEN, our FREE monthly networking/social, you will have the opportunity to confess!

What does this mean?

Back in the 60's at Warhol's Silver factory... of the staples was a photo booth, which, according to Mark Francis in 'Still-Life: Andy Warhol's Photography as a form of Metaphysics'

"resembles that of the Catholic confessional, translated into the profane environment of the railway terminal, the street, or the passport office...."

Another thing that happened at such happenings, were "confessions"

In CHELSEA GIRLS--Warhol's cinematic masterpiece--Ondine unleashes a harrowing bit of improv as the Pope, taking confession from an unsuspecting wannabe ingenue.

In these post modern times, we're updating this factory confessional concept by using our handy flip camera. We'll be posting the results here and on YouTube!

...Oh, and if you want to improv...we've got some of that too!

See you tonight!

6:00-7:00 PM Socialize

7:00-8:30 PM Arts

* Hot Fresh Now (& Then): 35 Years Exhibition
* Gallery Tour
* Improv with Josh Warren (sign-up when you arrive--space LIMITED!)
* Blog Confessional with the Atlanta Film Festival
* Atlanta Screenwriters Group (Meeting adjourns at 8pm!)
* ...and more

The Contemporary
535 Means St. NW, 30318

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