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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Is Fringe?

Fringe is an amazing cultural experience.

The program starts in the court yard with casual mix of fellowship, food, music and a cash bar.

The courtyard also includes video installations, and other surprises.

Meanhile DJ Little Jen spins an eclectic ambient mix...

The show begins with a film..

...a real (reel?) 16mm film projected for all to enjoy.

The films are followed by a short documentary about the musicians, leading to an amazing chamber music performance!

The performance is anything but stuffy. You'll be mesmerized. Feel free to clap. Cheer. Enjoy!

The next Fringe concert on November 8th! The performance will feature The Vega String Quartet performing Beethoven's Quartet in C Major and Bartok's String Quartet No. 1 in A Minor.


I have programmed three 16mm shorts, including two silent films in honor of Beethoven who deigned to "make no secret of your deafness, not even in your art."

The program includes Cat Film For Katy and Cynnie, by Standish Lawder and Nightcats by Stan Brakhage (the most imporartant experiemntal filmmaker of the 20th Century.)

Don’t wait to try and get tickets after this concert sells out!

Click here to buy your tickets.

Additionally, the organizers want to keep Fringe affordable for everyone. Tickets are cheap. But if you are able, become a "Friend of Fringe" by donating online at or by paying more than the minimum for your ticket via

We look forward to seeing you November 8th!

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