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Monday, July 28, 2008

"Original" Fanboys Cut Finally Sees Light of Day

It's interesting how much lackluster attention this film has garnered now that it has had its "premiere" at Comic Con. The cancer plot that kicks off the movie remains intact and the drive to create an American Pie like flick have been squashed.

Comic Con is so much about upcoming releases, and the production nightmare Fanboys endured has rendered its status as an upcoming release moot. (A rough cut screened to the public way back in July of last year) I'll be shocked if this film registers barely a blip on the cinematic radar.

For all the hoopla about this film being cut to hell and back. For all the blog posts about fanboys rising up to protest the films butchering. One would expect more buzz.

Until one realizes that the film is competing with all the major studios officially launching their marketing campaigns for their 2009 slates. How can a low budget love note to geekdom that's going to be released in September of 2008, battle half a dozen year long campaigns? Answer is, as the climate is now, it can't.

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