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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pineapples, Watches and the MPAA

Something struck me as I was cruising through Peter Bart's Variety Blog and I reread his Apatow post. I looked at the above poster and I couldn't help but think about what is exactly in the MPAA's handbook that forces the removal of a gun pointed at the audience in Watchmen's trailer, but allows a piece of media that has several subtle and not so subtle references to drugs and guns--pointed or not.

I'm not against this poster. In fact I love this poster and I can't wait for the flick. But, the tagline, the smoke and Franco's expression all reference weed. And everyone on the poster is packing heat.

Just from a curiosity standpoint, I really would love to read the guidelines for advertising that studios must meet to have their ads approved as safe/friendly for public consumption.

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