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Friday, July 18, 2008

Word of Mouth....The Dark Knight

Reading my emails and lo and behold what do I find? Several friends effusing about The Dark Knight. The instigator of this is local comic book artist Wilfredo Torres. I already had faith in the movie, but I have to say Fred's word is always an extra stamp of approval in my book.

Let me put it to you this way... I haven't been to bed yet. That's how hyped up I was after watching that movie.

I remember when they were first talking casting, I was rooting for Adrian Brody to get the part. I always liked Heath Ledger but I just couldn't see it... now I can't see anyone but him ever playing that part which makes his passing that much more of a loss. I kept reading all these reviews and people kept saying that 'Ledger dissapears into the role' and it's absolutely true - Heath Ledger does not appear in this movie. It's just the Joker. That evil, sick and twisted psychopathic genius that we've been reading about all these years brought to life in diabolical fashion and he gives Batman and all of Gotham Holy Hell.

I mean sure, we all know who the leads are, Batman / Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Jim Gordon and The Joker but there's another character prominently featured that is just as important and plays just as big a part - Gotham City and the people that live in it.

Spider-Man 2 was awesome, definitely the best of the three. Superman 1 and 2 were also great films that I love but Dark Knight gives us something that none of those movies even came close to giving us... real honest to God scary ass, menacing villains and a vulnerable hero who is struggling with all his might to do the right thing even when he's not sure what that is. No one in this movie has heat vision or the proportionate strength of a spider and by the end everyone has been broken or tainted in one way or another, no one get's away clean on this one.

Dude - fake an illness and go see this movie.

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