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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Movie Summer of the Last 10 Years?

Pretty much everyone kicks ass in this. Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson not only compete on the track, but in one of the single greatest grumbling contests ever put to film. Every time they talk to each other, they seem to drop their testicles lower in an attempt to hit notes so low that only whales and heavy machinery can understand them.

This pull-quote is from an Ain't It Cool News review of Death Race 2000. And I'd be lying if I said the final judgment, that the film is good exploitation fun, doesn't it make the giddy kid inside me happy. (Although, I still haven't seen the thing, so that may change.)

On the whole this has to go on record as one of the strongest Summers when it comes to movies. The shear number of hits this season pretty much confirms it. Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda, Wall*E, The Dark Knight, it's been a fun Summer for flicks.

There's some crazy madness out there claiming that 2002 is a contender, but I'm sorry, but the list of Spiderman, Men in Black 2, Austin Powers Goldmember, Minority Report, Bourne Identity, and Signs has to take a few hits just for Signs' inane premise of aliens--sans suits-- invading a planet in which 70% of it's surface can kill them. And Men in Black 2 takes the prize for most uninspired sequel since Battle for Planet of the Apes. At least Battle has the excuse of having a significantly lower budget than the other four Apes flicks.

Although it is ironic that in a Summer that includes The Happening, which is probably the best comedy of the summer, some folks would bring up 2002. And also The Love Guru, which I haven't seen, apparently shares with Austin Powers' not only Mike Myers as lead and writer, but also that movie's fascination with a particular male member and bodily functions as a source of humor. So maybe there is something to that 2002/2008 connection.

P.S. And I purposely forgot about
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the far as I'm concerned the prequels never existed...

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