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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ya Learn Something New Everyday

JENNA MILLY was a journalist who hated telling the truth. After a decade of writing news for CNN, The Los Angeles Times and a variety of magazines, she decided r-e-e-l life was more interesting. Since completing her MFA in screenwriting at University of California Los Angeles, she has taught dramatic writing at UCLA, Emory University and the Atlanta Film Festival. This summer, she directs a short film as part of The Woman's Angle, a non-profit organization supporting female directors. Jenna also writes the column "Scene Fix" for Script Magazine and runs her own script consultant service.

Jenna is one of our most popular instructors here at the Atlanta Film Festival. She teaches screenwriting. Somehow, it escaped our notice that she's a former journalist. But, how many folks knew that Phil Hartman of SNL designed album covers as a graphic designer or that James Cameron drove a truck? Film folks come from so many backgrounds. Our own Paula used to work in the Healthcare industry. Every time we update our instructors bios new facts seem to fall from the sky.

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