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Friday, August 22, 2008

Rapid i Movement Hits the Sidewalk and Goes Underground

Just got word that Rapid i film Sturgess Fillmore Presents... Atlanta! just got accepted into this year's Sidewalk Moving Picture Film Festival. My reply, via IM was Hot Damn!

Then it hit me. I should blog about this. Because there's also Tibbet's Trust from Scott Balzer that's screening at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival this weekend.

Rapid i was created before my tenure here at the festival began. But, it plays into two of my personal passions. Encouraging local filmmaking and having fun. And seeing these two Rapid i films live beyond there initial screenings is what we hope for most. Films aren't like poems that sit in a diary, stuck under a bed, locked with a key. They're meant to be seen. And if they're good, to be enjoyed. And these two films definitely qualify.

Atlanta Underground Film Festival Screenings for Tibbets' Trust:

Friday August 23 8 PM Local Short Films The Plaza Theater
Saturday August 24 7 PM Comedy Short Films The Plaza Theater

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