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Monday, August 25, 2008

Catching Up With Nerdcore Rising

Word from Negin Farsad, Director of 2008 Atlanta Film Festival Selection Nerdcore Rising.

Nerdcore Rising is still on the festival circuit which means it still has me by the balls, so to speak. Of course, with this film, that means a lot more video blogging and online content. I just recently put up episode 6 of the film's companion web series "Nerd of the Week" -- its on the Chiptunes Nerd - those nutty kids that like to rip up their gameboys and make music with them. You can see that here:

Not too long ago we were the closing night movie at the DeadCenter Film Festival and the next major stop for me is the Penny Arcade Gaming Expo in Seattle. There are 55,000 geeks expected to attend this year and we get to screen the movie for them in a venue that might best be described as a "threateningly large monster hall." Needless to say, the nervousness has already set in and I'm pissing my pants well in advance of the screening date (August 30).

After Penny Arcade, we're off to some special screenings at ILM in San Francisco and the Hot Springs festival as well as some yet-to-be-confirmed fests and university screenings. And... if we're smart, we'll have the DVD on offer for cash monies very soon. I don't know if we're that smart yet...

We're showing like a regular theatrical release in Austin in October and there are a couple of other cities that will probably join the mix like Boston and New York (the hometown).

So, that's about it for now but I'll be posting video blogs more regularly as I get back on the road. The last few weeks have been pretty quiet but I have a feeling that Penny Arcade marks the beginning of some massive nerdery!

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