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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Turner's Summer Under the Stars

Having Turner as a sponsor is all types of synergistic goodness since they are A based. But, even better, they've got Turner Classic Movies. A channel that overlays our mission perfectly.

If you've been tuning in you could have seen Alfie, one of Michael Caine's greatest performances, on August 1st. Imbibed on a day of Charlie Chaplin on the 2nd. Be astonished at Gregory Peck's prolific range on day 3.

Today, it's all about Anne Bancroft. Tonight at 8 it's The Miracle Worker and then at 10 it's The Graduate. Star qualities TCM highlights: "Rich voice, dramatic intensity, unexpected flair for comedy."

We'll--read Charles, will try to pull some teeth--see if we can't get the staff here at the festival to flip through TCM's book and highlight movies they'd recommend catching. With 25 more days to go, the list could get quite long.

Summer Under the Stars

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