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Monday, August 4, 2008


I loved The Dark Knight. Saw it at 11:30 pm the Saturday it opened, saw it again at 4:30 pm. Barely 2 hours after the previous showing had ended. That being said, Christian Bale's Batman voice is just plain awful.


Jennifer said...

I have to disagree. Sure, the I Need To Clear My Throat Now thing is odd, but isn't that kind of the point? This is a superhero trying to disguise his true identity to the world. Should he speak with his normal Wales accent? That doesn't exactly scream "I am Batman, and I will crush you," now does it? It's already hard enough to believe that Harvey doesn't recognize Bruce Wayne's eyes and other visible features. I found his voice to be necessary, rightfully distracting, and true to the comic series. I also realize that I am outnumbered in said beliefs.

Charles Judson said... are outnumbered. :-)

It sounds like they electronically modulated Bales' voice even more for the sequel. While the intent is admirable, the execution is somewhat distracting. Especially in light of the fact that in the first movie, Bale's Batman voice wasn't as noticeable.


I think the voice was fine for parts where he's full on, intimidation factor Batman. I didn't mind it during the interrogation scene but it got to be a bit much during the Batman, Dent and Gordon having polite conversation scenes.

What you need to be talking about is how the cast keeps ending up in the news - first Ledger's death, then Bale 'assaulting' his Mom and now Morgan Freeman is hospitalized after a car wreck?? WTF kind of marketing is Warners trying at now?