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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Podcasting, Workshops and 2009 Festival

Whoops. Looks like it's been a few days since we've thrown something up here on the blog. We haven't abandoned the blog, it's just we've been working on a few things. Like a new podcast.

We recorded a few this morning at fest director Dan's place. After a few tweaks I'll throw up the first one.

Elizabeth is in the midst of finalizing our Fall line-up of workshops. Improv returns for round 2. For you screenwriters, Screenwriting 101, 102 and 103 are on-tap and they've been lined up so you can talk all 3 this Fall back to back.

And Dan is in the middle of prepping for call for entries for the 2009 festival.

Don't forget that we've still got the Screenplay Competition going on...Late Deadline is August 22nd. AND, the early bird deadline (price goes up after tomorrow) for Intro to Directing, Part I is tomorrow Friday, August 15. We're encouraging folks to sign-up because Part II will be returning in the Fall, and we don't want folks to miss out.

And if you're really just here to read our opinions on all things film, don't worry, I'll probably toss up one of my long a-- posts up here today. Somebody or something will set me off...don't you worry about that. My opinions are like poop from a baby's butt, they never seem to stop flowing.

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